South Pars Phase 6, 7 & 8 Development

The 3,000 mmscfd capacity South Pars Gas Development Phases 6,7 & 8 onshore plant, owned by Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC) was constructed in the Southern port city of Assaluyeh. The total six units will produce 112,200 barrel per day of condensate, 2,850 million cubic feet of dry and

sour methane gas per day, and 1,995 ton per day of propane & 1,145 ton per day of butane. The gas will be used for injecting oil wells in the Agha-Jari oil field. Tablieh, in two separate subcontracts from the project EPC Contractor (The Joint Venture of Toyo & JGC of Japan, Daelim of Korea and IDRO of Iran – TIJD), was not only in charge of

a major portion of the Project civil works (including concrete pipe racks, equipment foundations, ditches, cable trenches, etc.),  but was also responsible for production of close to 300,000 cubic meters of concrete for the entire project.

Location Assaluyeh, Bushehr Province
General contractor Petropars Ltd
EPC Consultant Toyo, IDRO, JGC, Daelim (TIJD)
Owner Pars Oil & Gas Co. (POGC)
Scope of work:
Excavation 325,940 m3
Backfilling 90,942 m3
Reinforcement 5,060 Ton
Wire Mesh 519 Tons
Concrete Production 293,000m3
Concrete Placed 34,000 m3
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