Projects in Iraqi Kurdistan Region

The first two contracts of Tablieh in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq comprise of the first phase of the Sulaymaniyah Institute of Technology Campus in the city of Dukan, (Entrance Building, Boys Dormitory & Study Hall, with a total area of over 13,000 m2) in addition to the construction & landscaping of four residential building blocks with an approximate Area of 5,700 m2.

Sulaymaniyah Institute of Technology Campus
Location Dukan-Iraqi Kurdistan
Client sulaymaniyah University
Four Residential Building Blocks
Location Dukan- Iraqi Kurdistan
Client Civil and Renovation Department of Sulaymaniyeh
Scope of Sulaymaniyah Institute of Technology Campus Project
Excavation 12,000 m3
Concrete 8,000 m3
Embankment 5,000 m3
Total Building Works 13,460 m2
Scope of Four Residential Building Blocks Project
Excavation 4,950 m3
Concrete 4,200 m3
Embankment 6,500 m3
Total Building Works 5,700m2
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