Smart Solutions


Smart Solution

Artificial intelligence

As well as our different organizational sectors, the marketing department especially has benefited so much from Artificial Intelligence automation technologies. In the recent years Arian Holding has been focusing on different branches of AI. Followings are some of our main researches in this ground.

  •  ML (Machine Learning)
  • Biometric
  • Decision management
  • Speech recognition
  • Compliance

Clean Energy

We believe that using clean energies like solar power can efficiently slow the progression of climate change for having a better environment. Hence, we manage to boost our green technology investments for renewable energies. For both industrial and home usage solutions we are considering two main ideas; energy efficiency and sustainable technology.

clean energy

Smart Technologies

Our IT department defines Smart Solutions throw the possibilities of using any technology wherever you want and however you like to! In their smart home projects this aspect is pretty obvious, when they sync smart doorbells to the lights or even security cameras, they are actually creating a smart hub which makes technology more accessible.

smart home arian holding
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