Our Mission

To make the word a better and healthier place for everyone

Our values

Integrity Honor moral commitments.
Compassion Human beings are member of a whole in creation of one essence and soul, if one member is afflicted with pain other members uneasy will remain. If you have no sympathy for human pain the name of human you cannot retain (Saadi)
Relationships Build confident relations with trust.
Innovation Learn from the past and build the future.


Arian Healthcare is a leading health services and innovation company dedicated to helping make the health system work better for everyone.

With more than 100 employees, we combine technology, data and expertise to improve the delivery, quality and efficiency of healthcare.

Arian Healthcare has been involved in the Middle East healthcare projects since 2005 helping clinicians deliver high quality, cost-effective healthcare and improve the lives and wellbeing of patients.

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Arian Medical Recruitment


Sustainable development in healthcare is our final goal. This is attainable by facilitating the process of recruitment for professional medical staff. We carefully select the right position for legitimate candidates and make sure they will be the best match to the new environment. Our expertise in recruiting within healthcare community has approved by lots of satisfied employers and job seekers among GCC nations.

For employers we provide;

  • Vs of the best staff in different specialties
  • Negotiating with interested candidates till reaching a mutual point
  • Offering technical and logistic supports

For job seekers we provide;


  • Comprehensive information about the destination
  • Offering active employers who are looking for their specialty
  • Legal consultation regarding contract and job description

Medical Tourism

In the past few years we have obtained different goals in our healthcare program but in order to reach top notch steps, medial tourism is just the beginning.

With a clear view of our huge potentials such as professional doctors, modern medical equipment, and developed environmental facilities we have become a reliable company for many patients from all over the world to receive their most needed medical services from ArianMedTour. It is not just the medical treatment, but we intend to promote sustainable health through educating patients, governments, hospitals, and insurance companies.

Our recent projects

We are establishing one of the biggest medical polyclinics in Oman with the cooperation of local healthcare providers and some well-known hospitals. From Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz there will be some of the best Iranian doctors participating in this projects as well as many famous medical equipment producers which will insure this clinic to have top brand facilities with the highest quality.

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