Bandar Abbas Refinery (Site Peroration)

Bandar Abbas Refinery was one of the major projects of the country in the 1980’s in order to provide a much needed fuel production capacity. As a result, The Client had a very strict and compressed time schedule for the achievement of over 5 million cubic meters of earthwork in a mere 9 Through an extremely disciplined site organization, Tablieh not only broke the record for the maximum volume of earth movement and amount invoiced in a single month by an Iranian contractor to date, but also managed to finish the project 2 months ahead of the schedule in only 7 months.

Location Hormozgan Province
Client National Iranian Oil Company
Consultant Snamprogetti (Italy), Chioda (Japan)
Scope of work:
Site Preparation 8,000,000 m2
Excavation and Embankment Over 5,000,000 m3
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